Private Residence, Longmeadow, MA

Design challenge:
Design a $1.5-million, approximately 7,000-square foot, brick Georgian Revival home and address space needs/program sketched out in a client-generated drawing/schematic. (Note: The schematic was inherently flawed from a design professional’s perspective, but it became clear from the outset that the client felt wedded to essentially all the problematic elements of the scheme). The program included a large first-floor master suite with adjoining office and exercise room, kitchen, dining, and family room with access to outdoor spaces. The second-floor called for four bedrooms all with private bathrooms and two additional “bonus” playrooms. Below are illustrations showing the client’s sketches and the same client sketch transferred by Design Alliance with no modifications into digital form. Also included, for contrast, are plans generated by Design Alliance to present the program in authentic Georgian architectural style and provide space plans and other design elements deemed more architecturally appropriate and ultimately both more practical and appealing. Ultimately the client built the home following the client-generated design. It should be noted that the DA plans “fit” more program into less square foot area (which likely would have translated into lower construction costs). This was accomplished principally by limiting two-story high spaces and reducing circulation space (clearly visible when looking at the second-floor plan).


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